Policies – Covid-19


We would like to reassure everyone, that the safety of the children and staff is our priority and we will follow all the latest information and guidelines with respect to Covid-19.

We aim to keep a single document updated with all of our policies covering all aspects of your child's care.

You can find this document on our Policies page. We have updated this to include our various Covid-19 specific policies and risk assessments.
Please pay particular attention to the new daily routine and look out for new information we may send you by email.

You can also find below the specific Covid-19 policies in place.


COVID - If you have symptoms - Policy
COVID - Sick Child - Policy
COVID - Health and Safety Policy: Hygiene - Policy
COVID - Hand Hygiene - Policy
COVID - Cleaning - Policy

COVID - Amended Hall & Committee Area - Risk Assessment
COVID - Wooded Area - Risk Assessment
COVID - Outside Play Area - Risk Assessment
COVID - Toilet - Risk Assessment

COVID - Children Arrival - Risk Assessment
COVID - Children Collection - Risk Assessment

Any further questions please don't hesitate to Contact Us.