Our Elm Tree

Today Steve the Forester came in to prune our Elm Tree. We talked about the clothes he was wearing- high vis jacket, steel toe caps and chain saw protection. We then walked over to our tree and Catherine had made a big arc in the frost for the children to stand on. Steve gave us a little talk about our special tree and while we had to look after it. How dutch elm disease had killed nearly all of our elm trees and that was why our tree was so special. We talked about the leaves that an elm tree has- with ‘teeth’ on the edge of each leaf. We then looked at his tools, secateurs and a sharp saw. He then sawed off a few branches to help it grow into a big tree without having lots of side branches. We talked about how we have to prune it like a hair cut. Dec 2019m_o_35813_c87rkb28vwkkdrc1497msqgt8fp4ya0h m_o_35809_pdd5cfv7hg72d7efq52f74cyf1frsvcy m_o_35814_wmwj4d7hsezvkdxwxb6xvyzms1h6q6mp