Hi Everyone,

We are so looking forward to this half term.  Lots going on – Summer trip to the Field Study Centre in Selborne,  Sports Day and our Leavers Presentation at 11.30am on the last day of term, Please note the term finishes Tuesday 19 July @ 12 noon.  You can read our latest Newsletter by clicking -here-



Hi Everyone,

Is Summer just around the corner?  Let’s hope so!!  Please read the attached newsletter.  We have a Summer Trip planned, along with our very enjoyable “Quiz” night at The Rising Sun.  Always a fun evening – please support if you possibly can. To read our April 2022 Newsletter please click -here-



Hi Everyone,

The sun is shining, covid-19 seems to be less of an issue (at the moment) and spring is just round the corner.  Everyone is looking forward to more “normal” times and hopefully our Newsletter and plans for a summer trip show this.  Please do take a look – and if any parents can help with a quiz night that would be great.  You can read our newsletter by clicking -here-



Happy New Year to you all!!!

Although Covid is making everyone’s lives a little more difficult, we are happy to say “full steam ahead” for the Nursery.  Your cooperation and understanding when changes are necessary at short notice, is greatly appreciated.  We will be spending as much time as possible outside this term and a walk is planned.

The attached Newsletter will keep you up to date, any queries please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

You can read our January 2022 Newsletter by clicking -here-



Although not quite back to “normal” as yet, things are progressing well and we are all looking forward to this half term.  Not only because we are heading towards Christmas, but also due to the fun and exciting activities the staff have put in place.  This Newsletter contains information regarding our Christmas Production and details for the last day of term.  Keep well and keep safe everyone.

You can read our latest November Newsletter by clicking here



September 2021 Newsletter

We are really looking forward to welcoming back all our returning families, and saying a big hello to our new families.  It will be great to hear from the children all their latest news.  Covid practices are still in place, but we are determined the children’s time at the setting will not be interrupted or appear anything other than “normal”.  Attached to this Newsletter is important information regarding Covid and the new EYFS edition that comes into effect this term.  Please read carefully. You can read our September 2021 Newsletter by clicking here.

The children were very patient waiting for the new arrival – and very excited when the frog made an appearance on the stone.


MAY 2021 Newsletter

Summer Term is well under way and the weather seems to be changing for the better.  Please do remember sun hats, sun cream, etc., to enable your child to play outside safely.  Lots of activities planned, with our leavers getting ready for their “big” school experience.  m_o_44513_7z0dz7sxmryt1b6vvkt39vk8tw3p341ftempImageVo2TYe

The children all enjoyed listening to our visitor on beekeeping and we have now a small garden area for the children to engage in planting and looking after the space.

You can read our May 2021 newsletter by clicking here

Newsletter April 2021

Hi Everyone,

We are hopefully going to begin enjoying the better weather – a little sun would not go a miss and having doors and windows open will not cause any issues with the cold.

You can read our April 2021 Newsletter -here-



Newsletter March 2021

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are all well and managing to keep sane during these strange times.  We are keeping the session relatively normal for the children, with a few exceptions and alterations as needed for the current situation.  Our staff continue to provide the children with a huge variety of activities – maintaining their interest, curiosity and discovering new things each time they attend the Nursery.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support. You can read our March 2021 newsletter by clicking here



November 2020

Hello Everyone,

Sadly a very wet half term has just finished – we are hoping for better weather on our return.  Trying to keep things as normal as possible for our children, we are busy planning  our usual Nativity and end of term Christmas party with a few changes ensuring the safety and well being of everyone.  All details contained in the Newsletter.  To view our November 2020 Newsletter please click here


September 2020

Such strange times, but the setting is open and working hard to keep everything as close to normal as possible for the children.  Lots of outdoor activities, weather permitting, and lots of fun!!  You can read our  September 2020 newsletter by clicking here


February 2020

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back!  Hopefully we will have some dry days with sunshine, particularly for our walk late March.  Plenty happening this half term.  Please support the Quiz Night on March 12.  Always a fun evening and raffle prizes galore to be won. You can read our February 2020 Newsletter by clicking herem_o_34315_b6r7njzs62ymr0f1fb5f4458rzzggmdf



Welcome back to all our existing families returning after the festive holiday and to all our new families starting with us – we are looking forward getting to know you.  As always, there are plenty of activities planned and dates for your diaries.m_o_35814_wmwj4d7hsezvkdxwxb6xvyzms1h6q6mpm_o_35745_kt6cn583pgj4crs8xhtwk0hm0880fgx3

You can read our January 2020 Newsletter by clicking here

Newsletter November 2019

Hi Everyone,

Hope you have all had a lovely half term.  This is a very busy time of year at the Nursery.  Our new children have now settled and in full swing with all the activities.  Lots to look forward to and Christmas preparations starting in a few weeks.  You can read our November 2019 newsletter by clicking herem_o_34741_yp70q1dbhs8gmzjkzzvf6n2a2xbay493m_o_34325_waxrt1vmj2dsdd2az11py49pjfq6bn68


Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to all our returning families and a “big hello” to all our new starters.  We are looking forward to getting to know you and your children over the coming months.  Please do come along to our Parent Group Meeting if you can.  This is a good chance to meet families and get to know more about the setting.

You can read our September 2019 newsletter herem_o_32479_6kdhhyxcr7vxp6h9vxr6zsr7ey1p0myd