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Busy morning! 12/5/22

A busy morning at nursery today! Chopping chard, washing animals and making music!tempImagev2dPTy tempImageBD3uIl tempImageLfpcjT

Worms! 30/3/22

Great vocabulary describing the worms and gentle, caring fingers, carefully holding the wormsm_o_48144_669rtf6r4s9c9r6sa4ybwbgegbw4ktkq

Spring flowers and science

The children enjoyed cutting, colouring and watching as the water et the felt pen colouring and merged the colours together 28/3/22m_o_48194_cfecy65qb5kqjxasqfsv73jf7d835pmf

Pancake Fun!

We had great fun with Pancakes on Tuesday! The children had pancakes at snack time and then we had races, tossing the pancakes and running. Much to the children’s delight, the staff even had a go!m_o_47860_3ascren1a4nef40ws5t40sd8m6fa9mye m_o_47868_xfah25fmpjh2a9fm8fxz9155b4ceyx1n m_o_47858_ffh93pgqvyahng8t9gejtewe33q1fzwy


What a pleasure to watch the dexterity and creativity of children sewing! 8/2/22m_o_47626_v1p9v010kt0qg95ckvkgp7946wq80564 m_o_47627_x2cmgev0j0cvepycpes5j3raxhdmp03q

Lunar New Year 1/2/22

One of our families kindly lent us some of their Lunar New Year decorations and told us about the festivitiWe talked about when the grown ups clean the house and make everything look beautiful, lovely food including fruit and chocolate, new clothes. The children thank the adults and wish them a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year and they are rewarded with money in the beautiful red and gold envelopes.

m_o_47492_8rvbytjw7xt5ka3xn9xncfp99mrhsrcs m_o_47493_2w789s2j92wg6khe35mxpnzbb2m0p3fa

Our chilly walk

Today we set off for a walk round the village. We heard the woodpecker tapping, the teachers saw a fox, lots of bird boxes, ducks, geese and talked all about the finger post on the green 24/1/22m_o_47385_m44rnnhkzsn6rtjz0ks4pvnbwt16xq1h m_o_47386_skyamaamt2hssvmfrxkzh2yg3evs1h8k m_o_47387_shs2e20xxm6j3eb2aekkwgr85s01sz4m m_o_47391_j8hhmcnysbchg3z2w9dq35r7yry8y6x0

Curious Play

m_o_47355_bn0gr0j3b9vxsfwf0wrenj3v3jsq07y6 m_o_47341_y26wxsapa2kcbee061t9673hr3zfq15dThis term Jo has been working on ‘Curious Play’ Today the children made some excellent pictures in the frames 20/1/22

Happy 10th birthday to the shop! 29 th Nov

As part of the birthday celebrations for the shop, we were invited over for a ‘Babychino’! We went in small groups and took with us some salt dough decorations to make and then hung them on the Christmas treem_o_46589_3ta362e8v0y473tsvx2b0ypqsf68crv0 m_o_46590_4z13qg5a0x867e934na0v9be2t427h64 m_o_46591_pnba7t3md2mzce8a613955fweec9ecxj

Our Elm Tree and Autumn leaves- October 22nd

We have been looking at the Autumn leaves recently and found some beautiful red ones. We went and said ‘hello’ to our elm tree and saw that all the leaves had been shed, ready for the winter.IMG_0006 IMG_0004 IMG_0003

Oral Health 15/11/21

Talking about tooth brushing today! We had made some large plaster teeth that the children cleaned with tooth brushes. It led to all sorts of conversations !m_o_46438_5tec85a3j6rt2xxp2vvygenx99p6kskg

Building 11/11/21

Hopefully not the last of the Autumn sun, but how lovely to be enjoying building carefully whilst lying down on a mat outside!

Blocks 7/10/21

Block play is such a great activity! So much physical and imaginary scope…..m_o_46010_enpq7hbr4q5ff3ws6vhb3a949pr217qy

Kindermusik fun 6/10/21

The music session today was such fun as you can tell by these happy faces! New songs, lots of dancing and movement and great participation!
IMG_2880 IMG_2890

Produce from our garden 28/9/21

The little garden has been very successful! The children have had quite a few beans at snack time and have really enjoyed planting and watching everything growing. We have enjoyed seeing the mini beasts enjoying it too! Worms, spiders, bees and even wasps! The sweet peas have smelt lovely too! We are going to dry the sunflower head and plant the seeds in the springm_o_45790_gbas2t1e4t3ckbct3pwk1ht9x8p0q56t-2

The tadpole has metamorphosed!

The first little frog was sitting on a stone this morning! The children were very patient having waited for the frogspawn to hatch and the tadpoles to develop. It was lovely to see their faces!m_o_44910_a5dqgewp0cpanac0snxbtve3thq2kk6h m_o_44928_sdsr375dvacqvct8kzg1mxedbc89f100

Getting the garden into shape 20th May

We are lucky enough to be given a small flower bed by our hall. One of our Mum’s, Katie, came and helped prepare the bed ready for us to plant up. There were lots of worms and creepy crawlies for the children to see

tempImageHzM2Wg tempImageJv7Djj tempImageTDZgop tempImageVo2TYe

Flowers 18 th May

As part of our ‘Focus children’ topic this week we were looking at flowers. We talked about tree flowers, vegetable flowers and flowers from the garden. Children looked closely at how different all the flowers were.

m_o_44571_w1qt1d976wghp63xhzwmx329t9xq6vwg m_o_44573_kpnry04fz64f048gyp2r9qt6s0dkj89k m_o_44576_q83wj4he6dsvtjtnpb8ykdrsb64hya4j

Bee talk 11th may

We had a special treat today when one of our families brought a bee hive (minus the bees!) down to give us a talk all about bees. We saw the outfits that bee keepers wear and one of the boys demonstrated the ‘puffer’ to make the bees sleepyWe heard all about their 2 tummies, 5 eyes and their wiggle dance. The children saw the comb and then we were treated to spoonfuls of honey! 

m_o_44372_wktab4fq2vyv968nm9geysdcwgh8nvfn m_o_44513_7z0dz7sxmryt1b6vvkt39vk8tw3p341f m_o_44516_9hwqh0b9bhvv3y1sq4qqrdxe4mg1k9c2

Easter flower walk 1/4/21

We had a lovely walk to see the wild flowers on the green. We even saw some Canada geese flying overhead

m_o_43958_mtnvkvaqfe3tdabdrrvnpfjvn5k39364 m_o_43970_mak0a0ghxgs9zzmre47za1j8hv1qgh1p m_o_43986_djzvew2ffyxxqwdbv6shf3gsba2da4h0 m_o_43954_zbaqjvencs0b88zw13a2psteh1z6ww2p