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Produce from our garden 28/9/21

The little garden has been very successful! The children have had quite a few beans at snack time and have really enjoyed planting and watching everything growing. We have enjoyed seeing the mini beasts enjoying it too! Worms, spiders, bees and even wasps! The sweet peas have smelt lovely too! We are going to dry the sunflower head and plant the seeds in the springm_o_45790_gbas2t1e4t3ckbct3pwk1ht9x8p0q56t-2

The tadpole has metamorphosed!

The first little frog was sitting on a stone this morning! The children were very patient having waited for the frogspawn to hatch and the tadpoles to develop. It was lovely to see their faces!m_o_44910_a5dqgewp0cpanac0snxbtve3thq2kk6h m_o_44928_sdsr375dvacqvct8kzg1mxedbc89f100

Getting the garden into shape 20th May

We are lucky enough to be given a small flower bed by our hall. One of our Mum’s, Katie, came and helped prepare the bed ready for us to plant up. There were lots of worms and creepy crawlies for the children to see

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Flowers 18 th May

As part of our ‘Focus children’ topic this week we were looking at flowers. We talked about tree flowers, vegetable flowers and flowers from the garden. Children looked closely at how different all the flowers were.

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Bee talk 11th may

We had a special treat today when one of our families brought a bee hive (minus the bees!) down to give us a talk all about bees. We saw the outfits that bee keepers wear and one of the boys demonstrated the ‘puffer’ to make the bees sleepyWe heard all about their 2 tummies, 5 eyes and their wiggle dance. The children saw the comb and then we were treated to spoonfuls of honey! 

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Easter flower walk 1/4/21

We had a lovely walk to see the wild flowers on the green. We even saw some Canada geese flying overhead

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What a sense of achievement! 8th Feb

WE really believe that the children must learn to climb our climbing wall by trial and error. Obviously we are there to catch them, but not to tell them where to put their feet! Such a wonderful feeling for them when they finally master it!


Car wash

The children had fun washing all the mud off the cars today. They used the brushes and little clothes and they came up gleaming!


What a wet Thursday!

The rain didn’t stop play today! The children played under the canopy- washing animals in a bath they made in the back of a truck, caught rain from the dripping canopy, scooped poured and splashed!


14th Janm_o_42605_segzq8b2hy1zem0p1amb80da5fym2bce

We are loving this Woodwork! Oct 20th

What amazing skills the children are learning from the woodwork! Our wonderful new bench and tools has been such a boon- thank you so much to our past pupils!

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What a beautiful creation!

Several children worked hard together to build this amazing structure. Apparently it is a ‘trap! Oct 20


Woodwork is on the curriculum!!

Following our very generous contribution from the July leavers, we are now the proud owners of an excellent woodwork bench and tools that the children are using. They are learning so quickly how to screw and hammer. 

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Fun in the sun 17th September

The nursery is really loving this wonderful weather. we are so fortunate with our wonderful outdoor space, with plenty of space and shade.

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Back to nursery on 1st June

We are back! Lots of rules in place to keep children and staff safe. The wonderful weather means we can be outside all day long and of course, everyone is so pleased to see each other. We currently are just taking the ‘Oak trees’ in small groups.

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Going Shopping Feb 2020

We are very fortunate that we have a community shop just next door where we buy our milk from. A small group of children come and we talk about what there is to buy and the children handle the money and carry the milk back to nursery.

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