Our Team

Gillian Hall and Sarah Marston are the joint owners of the nursery and have over  20 years experience in working with children and running a Nursery School. 
The team is managed by Sarah Marston. Sarah and her team have an excellent understanding of EYFS (The Early Years Foundation Stage) principles and provide wonderful role models for the  children. They are driven to continually improving their knowledge.

The others members of the team are: Jessica Pocock, Chris Wild, Lis Theobald, Charlene Smail, Joanna Mealey, and Nicky Fagan. 

We are a professional dedicated team of experienced individuals. Sarah Marston holds "Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)".  We understand that young children at this age take enormous pleasure in learning new skills and they need support, praise and encouragement throughout the whole time they spend at the nursery.   

Our team understands when to join in, when to stand back and when to provide further challenge and opportunity to help take your child’s development to the next level.